Thursday, November 28, 2019

New Office in Atlanta


New office in the Atlanta area to accommodate clients' schedules during my Winter and Spring break.

The Firm understands that not everyone has a Monday - Friday 9am to 5pm life.

Saturday, November 23, 2019

Dead Three Years in an Apartment

Recently, a veteran, who had diabetes, was found dead in his Texas apartment.  The man died approximately three years ago, but nobody knew.  He was on the floor for three years unnoticed.

In Georgia, this could happen to renters.
Right before his death, the veteran had moved into a new place without telling his family.  Apparently, the family didn't know his friends and vice versa.

The tenant had direct deposit for his military retirement and automatic payment for his rent.  The reports haven't said how his utilities were paid in those 3 years. Apparently, he had automatic payment for his other bills or the creditors never reached out to his listed contacts.

The one issue that has perplexed internet laypeople is the lease.  Although a significant number of leases are one year, in Georgia, the standard apartment lease has an automatic renewal clause.  In those instances, when neither the landlord nor the tenant sends a nonrenewal notice, the lease is automatically renewed for another year or month to month.  That continues until a nonrenewal notice is provided. So, in a perfect storm, this could happen in Georgia.

In the Texas case, he was a month to month tenant. There was no indication that he ever signed a one year lease.  More likely than not, the landlord thought he was the perfect tenant because he paid his rent on time and never complained. 

If you have medical issues like he had, you should remain close to at least one person and provide that person with an emergency contact.  That person should know where you live and your telephone number.  Both of you should keep in regular contact. 

Sunday, November 3, 2019

Night Owls v Early Risers

This article isn't connected to the law directly.  However, it should have implications for those who want to understand night owls and allow them to work at peak times.

For students of course, the alternative to early morning in person classes is online classes.  Allowing night owls to attend late online classes would maximize their potential and learning.

Even the law has caught up with 24 hour e-file in many courts. Court that have efile benefit late workers who work in the evening.  Now they can file documents up until 11:59pm and meet the deadline while most sleep.

Unfortunately, 9-5 people don't understand why anyone would want to work while everyone else sleeps.  This article should explain it.  Now, with this information, adjustments should be made to antiquated thinking.

Offices could make it easier for employees to choose when to clock in, when feasible. Flexible hours, with imagination, would still comply with state and federal laws without costing the employer. In fact, the employer may benefit if it catches its worker at peak mental capacity each day.

For small business owners like myself, it means finding a facility that has 24 hour access for late night work. Not everyone sleeps between midnight and 6:00 am. Facilities miss opportunities to make their tenants happy when they have narrow views of office hours.

Lawyers in Different Practice Areas Cannot Be Compared to One Another

Last week someone told me  he talked to several other lawyers and their work hours in the office were different from mine.

Yes, the lawyers I know he spoke with don't have a landlord-tenant practice.  So. The comparison on time was worthless.

The general public understands the specialty areas in the medical profession.  A heart surgeon's hours can't be compared to the hours of a ER doctor, a pediatrician, a podiatrist, or a gynecologist. We all understand this.

Similarly, if you want to discuss reasonableness of office and work time with your lawyer, talk to lawyers who practice in that same area of law. A divorce lawyer or corporate lawyer can't really comprehend the hours of a patent lawyer, public defender, or residential tenant lawyer.

So, call around to compare apples and oranges. You do yourself disservice when your preparation on an issue falls short of reality.