Sunday, August 4, 2019

25 Years Means a Break or a Full Stop

August 1, 1994, a week after taking the Maryland bar exam, I started at a large white shoes corporate law firm.  There was a normal delay between taking the bar in Maryland and getting sworn into the bar.  So, I have two anniversaries.
When my official 25 year anniversary rolls around on December 14th, I will stop accepting new clients and take a much needed break.
Those current clients and those who sign up between now and December 13th will receive full services and representation even if it extends into 2020 or even later.  Many of my clients have been extremely loyal to me. So, I intend to remain loyal to them.
I'm looking forward to my freedom for a few years or to my retirement from the law.  25 years seems like a good time to try to do something else.  I have a law degree and an MBA in finance. So, the skies are the limit. 

Friday, July 26, 2019


Primary Practice Counties


The Firm accepts cases in all of its practice areas and in all courts

Secondary Practice Counties


The Firm accepts limited cases in its practice areas in State and Superior Courts.
Magistrate Court cases will be accepted in Cherokee, Paulding, Clayton and Forsyth Counties. 


Additional Locations


The Firm accepts limited cases in its practice areas in State and Superior Courts. 

Monday, July 8, 2019

Listen to Your Attorney After You Ask a Question

After you ask a question on a legal position or strategy, listen to the explanation and take notes. Even better, record the conversation. Unless the lawyer is being paid by the hour, no attorney wants to waste time explaining the same thing numerous times.

Before you hang up or leave a meeting, ask questions. If you don't understand it, ask the attorney to put it in layman's terms. After you get home, if you have additional questions, ask.

However, there is no excuse to have to ask the same question 5 times over numerous weeks because you don't listen and take notes.

Saturday, July 6, 2019

A Work-Life Balance is Necessary in All Professions

The balance between work and everyday enjoyment should be a goal for employees and employers.

The last paragraphs of the article concede that 25-40 hours per week are ideal.  Anything over 40 may decrease productivity.

Of course, as long as wages are held artificially low, those at the bottom of the income scale need to work beyond 40 hours. However, that can be changed with a mandatory minimum wage that is tied to inflation and the cost of living.

This Firm has decreased its hours to allow for this work-life balance. It has also eliminated weekend and extended office hours for routine calls and inquiries. Therefore, if you are looking for legal services or if you are a returning client, please take this into consideration.

Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Limited Availability

This small firm lawyer couldn't be happier. Effective today, I am booked up. Except for dispossessory and wrongful eviction cases, I will not be taking new cases until July.

If you have already contacted me about your case, you have a spot. So, don't worry.  This is limited to those who are contacting the Firm for the first time from June 11-June 30th.


Already, I've had to turn away people who can't find satisfactory lawyers to represent them.  Unfortunately, I've had to abandon the triage and number system as I described in my prior posts.  Oftentimes, complainers cause unlimited harm by their complaints.  This is just one example of the problems caused by those folks. The triage method worked for nearly 10 years, and assisted over 10,000 people who called and received assistance or retained the firm. 

Sunday, June 2, 2019

Starting July 1 Residential Tenants Will Not Receive the 5 Minute Free Screening Consultation

The Firm will no longer give residential  tenants free 5 minute screening consultations. 
If you are a residential tenant and want to consult with the Firm, you can schedule a 15 minute paid phone consultation for $50.  This $50 will not be applied to the retainer.
The areas of consultation for residential clients are the following:
(1) filed or threatened evictions;
(2) wrongful completed evictions; or
(3) landlord's claim for damages to the rental property that exceeds $15,000.

Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Retainers and Invoices

All retainers for work more than 7 days out must be paid by certified check, money order, cash, Money gram or Western Union.

The Firm will no longer accept debit or credit cards for IOLTA retainers

Invoices for completed work, initial consultations, or dispossessory actions can still be paid by debit and credit cards.  Cash App and Venmo can also be used for invoiced completed work and initial consultation.