Monday, February 4, 2008

The True New York Fan

As a long time Jets and Giants fan who suffered through the drought of 1970s and the Super Bowl wins against Denver and Buffalo, I feel like a kid who sees a room full of presents on Christmas morning. I would really love to hear more from the long time Giants fans; but the media will put a microphone in anyone face who says "Go Giants". As a result, I have been subjected to "hanger-ons" who grab on to championship teams every few months. These people go from the Super Bowl, to the Stanley Cup, to the NBA Championship, and end at the World Series.

These "new" people who have found instant love for the Giants late last night are the same people who rooted for Dallas, Green Bay, and New England (up until 0:02 of the 4th quarter) just a short while ago. Many don't know anything about football and show up at Super Bowl parties to be seen. They wouldn't know a punter from a kicker or a safety from a cornerback. Nevertheless, they have all become Giants fans and pontificate about Eli Manning and boast about how they knew in preseason the Giants would win the Super Bowl. To tell you the truth, I didn't think that the Giants would win, but I hoped and prayed for the best (just like I do every season).

As the hanger-ons and the false fans slither away to wait for the NBA champion to latch on, I know the Knicks won't be at the top (all the praying in the world can't help the Knicks this year). So, I'll bask in the glory of this victory; wear my championship hat and tee-shirt with pride, and hope the Mets and Yankees can muster up another subway series.

As a true New York fan, I always have hope for my hometown teams and sometimes victory.