Sunday, August 4, 2019

25 Years Means a Break or a Full Stop

August 1, 1994, a week after taking the Maryland bar exam, I started at a large white shoes corporate law firm.  There was a normal delay between taking the bar in Maryland and getting sworn into the bar.  So, I have two anniversaries.
When my official 25 year anniversary rolls around on December 14th, I will stop accepting new clients and take a much needed break.
Those current clients and those who sign up between now and December 13th will receive full services and representation even if it extends into 2020 or even later.  Many of my clients have been extremely loyal to me. So, I intend to remain loyal to them.
I'm looking forward to my freedom for a few years or to my retirement from the law.  25 years seems like a good time to try to do something else.  I have a law degree and an MBA in finance. So, the skies are the limit.