Friday, December 21, 2018

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

As we close our the year, I thank all those who have called the firm this year. 
I received over 2,000 calls from potential clients.  Many of those were helped with a simple 5-10 minute phone consultation.
Over 400 of those who called paid for a longer phone or office consultation.  During that consultation, I gave enough information to allow many to handle the matter themselves.
This year, I represented about 200 people in various matters, including divorces, landlord-tenant, consumer, and employment cases.
Next year, if you need legal assistance you should do the following:
(1) research the names of potential attorneys;
(2) call several offices to get their legal opinions;
(3) don't rely on one opinion to determine how to proceed;
(4) visit 1-3 attorneys in their offices;
(5) determine if you can handle it yourself;
(6) select the attorney who fits your comfort level, budget, and experience requirements;
(7) be realistic in your expectations; and
(8) think about calling this Firm for your legal needs.