Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Protect Yourself When the State Comes to Take Your Chldren

The best way to protect yourself and your children when DFACS and other state agencies threaten to take your children away is to hire an attorney. There are pro bono attorneys who can protect you.

Can they legally do this?

Saturday, September 3, 2011


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Thursday, June 9, 2011

When Starting a New Business, Hope for the Best and Plan for the Worst

Before you open a business with one or more people, have an exit plan. If possible, hire an attorney to write articles and bylaws. Taking the easy way out by using online forms may lead to trouble.

At a minimum, the plan should include the following:

1. How are profits split;
2. What happens if there is a disagreement on operational matters;
3. What happens if one person wants to leave the business;
4. What happens if there is a lockout;
5. What happens if one person wants to dissolve the company;
6. What is necessary to initiate a lawsuit against a third party or an owner; and
7. What happens if an owner dies or gets divorced.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Multi-Jurisdictional Family Law - One Attorney Licensed in Both States May Be the Best Option

In this mobile society, oftentimes, former spouses or never married parents leave the originating state to start a new life. In the absence of children, alimony, or a pending property division settlement, the exes may never see each other again.

However, when parents move, two states may have jurisdiction on pending matters. For example, a New York court may have jurisdiction for child enforcement matters, but a Georgia court may have jurisdiction for changes in custody/visitation.

In those cases, it may be better to find an attorney who is licensed and practices in both states. Indeed, in my practice, I often receive calls from mothers and fathers who live in Georgia, but have open or prospective cases in Maryland or New York or vice versa. In those cases, I can easily educate them on their rights and represent them in the state of their choice.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Attorney: Cop used excessive force in IHOP melee  | ajc.com

Attorney: Cop used excessive force in IHOP melee | ajc.com

The best thing to do when a situation like this occurs is to videotape from a safe distance, send it to an e-mail address or website, and hide the camera or run. Officers have assaulted people videotaping their abuses and have smashed the cameras or have erased the recordings.

If you are victim of an assault by an officer, your friends should not get involved. Indeed, you need someone to remain on the scene to get the names and numbers of witnesses.

In this case, the peanut gallery on the radio have already siding with the police officer. In Georgia, at least, it is extremely difficult to win these cases because you have the mindless masses who are pro police. Their thinking is police have a tough job. So, officers should be given the benefit of the doubt. I know that theory isn't in the Constitution, but you cannot fight stupidity.