Sunday, March 16, 2014

Suggestions for Renters -- Apartments and Houses

For those who lease, before you move into your next apartment or rental house, think about following these suggestions:

(1) inspect the premises before you pay your security deposit;

(2) if you cannot inspect the premises before paying the deposit, demand clear provisions for a deposit refund for uninhabitable conditions;

(3) demand a copy of the lease before the move in date or if possible before placing the deposit;

(4) read the lease completely before signing it to ensure you understand the terms and conditions;

(5) if the landlord has made a promise that is not in the lease, demand that it be included in the lease with a date certain for compliance;

(6) request an inspection of the premises before you sign the lease;

(7) if your budget allows, have 15-30 days between the first day of the lease and the furniture move in date to cure any problems;

(8) make sure everything is working during that 15-30 day move in gap; and

(9) make sure you follow the law regarding the move-in inspection timeline.