Thursday, December 27, 2007

Why New Year's Resolutions Matter

I set up this blog about four months ago, but this is my first post spurred on by the New Year.

So, I'm finally off the proverbial couch and out the door. Isn't that what New Year's resolutions are anyway, stun guns for your ambitions?

Some say resolutions are a waste of time because most of them fail. I don't think of resolutions as all or nothing propositions. Instead, I think of them as batting averages in baseball. If a player hits three singles after 10 times at bat, his average for that period is .300. (A good week indeed.) So, he failed 7 of the 10 times at the plate. With all things being equal, so what!! If someone resolves to lose 20 pounds in 3 months and loses 10 pounds instead, that's 10 pounds she would not have otherwise lost.

So, forget the naysayers, make resolutions if you like, and realize that you may succeed at only one or two of your goals. After all, goals/resolutions make life worth living and keep you from getting in or staying in a rut. More importantly, the one goal you meet may be the goal that changes your life forever.

As far as my blog, I have gotten off the couch on this one issue. With thousands and thousands of bloggers, this site may be no more than an open log for myself. However, I am open to suggestions and will try to answer legal questions or lead you to sources that may provide answers to those questions. I'll also just bellyache about politics and life in general. (Those should be the more interesting entries). More importantly, whether this blog lasts one month or 20 years is irrelevant. I've completed my first post, and as far as I'm concerned life's most interesting when I try new things and seek new adventures.