Wednesday, February 6, 2013

New York Family Law Cases Involving Georgia Residents-Niche Market

Georgia is a magnet for New York transplants. Oftentimes, these new Georgia residents have open child support matters in New York. Additionally, frequently New York transplants cannot take the southern culture shock and make a U-turn to return to the North. While these reverse transplants may return to their home state, but their children may return to Georgia.

Once these splits occur, the parents have to deal with New York and Georgia courts. It is much easier to have one attorney for both jurisdictions. This is especially so when the proceeding is in New York. Indeed, New York recognizes that parents cannot simply pick up and drive or fly for hours just to appear for a 10 to 15 minute interaction with the court. In fact, the money used to fly or drive could best be used on the children. As a result, New York allows parents who are at least two counties away from the court to appear by phone. For those Georgia residents who hire me, we can sit in my office and appear and participate in trials and hearings that are occurring 900+ miles away. An additional benefit to hiring local Georgia/New York counsel is a client can discuss the matter with me face to face in one of my offices. For initial consultations and trial prep, this type of interaction is invaluable.

At the other end of the drive, I have office access in NYC, Long Island, and Westchester County. I am available to meet with a New York client in person to discuss his case that is before a Georgia court. Unfortunately, Georgia law doesn't guarantee appearance by phone. However, it is still invaluable to have counsel who is licensed in both places. This is especially true when there are young children involved and the parent can expect to be before the court many times before the children reach majority. Starting a relationship with counsel at the beginning of the journey should save time and money over the years.