Saturday, November 3, 2018

Third Person Credit Card Payments

When people don't have credit cards or debit cards, on occasion, credit/debit cardholders give permission for friends or family members to use their cards.  Although it's extremely risky for the cardholders to act as guarantors for the payment of those purchases, it's often as risky for the merchant who accepts those cards.

For merchants, in addition to the obvious stolen card, there are the scam artists who conspire with the cardholders to scream unauthorized transaction or failure to give products or services. For small business owners, this means taking an hour or two our of an already hectic day to respond to the credit card companies.

For the McGill Law Firm, effective Monday, November 5th, the Firm will no longer accept credit or debit cards unless the client's name is on the card. If a friend or family member wants to fund litigation, funds will have to be given directly to the client.  The client will make payment for legal services through certified funds.

Sorry for any inconvenience this new policy may cause.