Sunday, September 27, 2015

Reviewers and Readers Should Be Careful

Woman Ordered To Pay After Mr. Sandless Owner Sues Over Yelp Reviews « CBS New York

More and more, reviews on Yelp and other websites are not worth believing.   If you want to take the time to review a business, stick to the facts.  The woman should have discussed what the company had promised, what it delivered, and what problems she had with the final product.

For my own person use, I believe those people who provide factual details, not opinions.  There are times those "disgrunted" customers simply didn't read the contract, didn't listen to the salesperson, didn't follow instructions, or just don't want to pay the contracted price, among other things.

When looking at a company, I usually disregard the 1 stars and 5 stars and pay attention to those details reviews in the 2-4 star arena.  I also look to see  how many reviews this person has given to other businesses.  A serial reviewer who gives a wide range of reviews is more reliable than someone who signed up to give a hatchet job to one person or someone who always gives 1 star or 5 stars.