Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Limited Availability

This small firm lawyer couldn't be happier. Effective today, I am booked up. Except for dispossessory and wrongful eviction cases, I will not be taking new cases until July.

If you have already contacted me about your case, you have a spot. So, don't worry.  This is limited to those who are contacting the Firm for the first time from June 11-June 30th.


Already, I've had to turn away people who can't find satisfactory lawyers to represent them.  Unfortunately, I've had to abandon the triage and number system as I described in my prior posts.  Oftentimes, complainers cause unlimited harm by their complaints.  This is just one example of the problems caused by those folks. The triage method worked for nearly 10 years, and assisted over 10,000 people who called and received assistance or retained the firm. 

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