Friday, May 27, 2016

Going Paperless

When a law firm or other business goes paperless, the necessity to keep reams and reams of pages of documents are eliminated. It saves the client time and money. Clients can e-mail or fax documents to counsel without spending money on postage. Similarly, counsel can exchange discovery without the need of printing and mailing. Currently, even courts have electronic filing to save on money, time and paper.

This paperless revolution is also great for clients. It saves time and money and attorneys can keep their clients updated through e-mail exchanges. Once a case closes, the attorney can give years of documents to a client by handing her a thumb drive or disk, or by putting the documents on the cloud for the client to upload.

Even today, there are clients (most are over 50) who cannot comprehend and sometimes become bitter because a case they thought was so important can be placed on such a tiny medium and put in a small envelope to be picked up. These same people may not be around to see it, but one can expect that soon an entire court docket for a particular year will be stored on media the size of a pinhead and accessed with ease.

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