Friday, November 20, 2009

Insurance Claims When Multiple Passengers Sue Driver


I was in a car accident while I was driving a friends car. She wants several thousand dollars from me. Can she sue me?
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My friend says I owe her several thousand dollars for her car since her insurance did not pay all she owed. She was upside down in her car. I had insurance, which also paid for the doctor bill's for another friend that was with me. Will my insurance pay her anything? Can I be sued for this? Answer this question Add to list


You just need to contact your insurance company about this new claim. It has already investigated in the matter. So, the company will determine if your other friend has a claim and the value of that claim.

As with all insurance policies, you have a policy limit (per occurrence). Therefore, you may have reached that limit with the first claim. However, that is something your insurance company will tell you. If the second claimant is unsatisfied with the settlement value offered by your insurance company, he can sue. The insurance company normally provides its insureds with attorneys to defend lawsuits. The insurers do this because the company has exposure if there is a judgment against the driver.

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