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my children are in college am i still entitled to get child support for them - Child Support -

my children are in college am i still entitled to get child support for them
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Look at the child support order. Some negotiate child support through college. If you had an attorney and you requested continued child support through college, it should be in the order.

Also, please note the following statutory sections

(1) "Child support" shall mean a sum to be paid pursuant to court order or decree by either or both parents or pursuant to a valid agreement between the parties for care, maintenance and education of any unemancipated child under the age of twenty-one years.

As a result, the order should still apply to your two youngest children.

In addition, note the following section:

CPLR 240 (1-b)(c)(7) states: where the court determines, having regard for the circumstances of the case and of the respective parties and in the best interests of the child, and as justice requires, that the present or future provision of post-secondary, private, special, or enriched education for the child is appropriate, the court may award educational expenses. The non-custodial parent shall pay educational expenses, as awarded, in a manner determined by the court, including direct payment to the educational provider.


In other words, the court can order child support to 21 and payment of education expenses.

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