Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Unauthorized Credit Report Pulls

Check your credit report to determine if people or companies have review your credit history without your authorization. Their actions may be a violation of the law that may entitle you to damages under federal and state laws.

Recently in AVVO, a man complained about a former girlfriend who is a paralegal. He believed she pulled his credit report without his knowledge. I recommended that he contact the law firm to complain. At the same time, he can start legal action against the woman and the law firm. As many of you know, under most circumstances, whenever your report is pulled, your credit score decreases. This occurs because the credit agency assumes you are attempting to obtain additional credit.

If you have employees who need access to the credit reporting agencies, you should have strict zero tolerance policies regarding unauthorized credit snooping. Otherwise, the wayward employee may put the company at risk for a lawsuit.

It's worth noting that under federal law, attorney's fees and costs are permitted. Therefore, if you have been a victim of unauthorized snooping, you should definitely call an attorney in your area who has experience in this area of law and understand that a successful case through settlement or judgment will result in payment of fees.

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