Tuesday, May 6, 2008

The Everyday Person's Opinion

This election season has certainly sparked the interest of young, old, rich, and poor. The interest in the outcome of the race is like no other seen in this country's history. Fortunately, those who call themselves journalists don't have a monopoly in publishing their opinions. In fact, I'm a little bit tired of the main stream media's (MSM's) self important tirades and attempts to force us to think a certain way. If you want to be entertained, informed, and frightened go to the web. No, I'm not suggesting that you take to heart the articles on the web from the MSM. In fact, they're no better than what you see on television or read in the newspaper. The treasure lies in the wild west of the comment sections for the everyday folk.

The best site to explore by far is the Huffington Post where there is something for everyone, news, politics, entertainment, and business. Moreover, there is little censorship or time limits to post your comments. The Politico comes in a distant second. However, because it tends to attract the conservative crowd, it is spattered with overstated self appointed "patriots," and offensive language about women and minorities. Sometimes, it's worth going there to see how far the country needs to evolve.

Although CBS News, New York Times, Washington Post, and ABC News have decent web comment sections, they are heavily censored and have time limits for responses. MSNBC and CNN are by far the worst of the lot when it comes to outside opinions. I guess they're thin skinned and don't care to be challenged and criticized in public.

Getting back to the Huffington Post, the discussion of political events is far better than the fare provided by the "experts" on the talking head shows on Sunday (I stopped watching those shows a few weeks ago because I couldn't stand it any longer). For example, for the last few days, there has been a heated discussion on Clinton's nuclear option. This option would entail using her cronies on the DNC rules committee to seat all of Florida and Michigan delegates at the convention. Of course, all of the delegates would be for her. This post was published on May 4 in the afternoon. As of May 6 at 1:00 p.m. there is over 400,000 views and 6,000 comments on the topic. Some of the comments are pretty harmless either way. However, you get a smattering of comic writers that would do quite well on the Daily Show with John Stewart. On the other hand, the jokes comparing Seven Belles and Clinton have been beaten to death.

So, if you are interested in following the election process in an informative and entertaining way, think about heading to the wild world of common folk commentary. It's fun and sometimes addictive. More importantly, it forces you to think and question what "journalists" put out on the air and print for public consumption.

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