Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Recent Answers from Justia's Question and Answer Webiste

Q: Is a set fee that an attorney gives you before they begin a probate matter the same if they are unsuccessful?
A: Look at the contract/retainer agreement. If the contract does not specify a decreased rate if the matter is unsuccessful, you have to pay the agreed upon rate.

7 August 2013Q: If I go see a child-custody Lawyer in NYC, must I retain him to get client-laweyr priv or am I protected either way?
A: With the little information you provided, you should be protected by the attorney-client privilege. The attorney client privilege is created when you seek legal advice from an attorney. You don't have to necessarily pay or retain an attorney to create that privilege. If you're truly concerned about it, ask the attorney.

7 August 2013Q: Dad died two years ago and his spouse sold the house as a quick sale. Are living children entitled 2 the money
A: It all depends. She may have automatically obtained full ownership of the house through rights of survivorship or his will may have left it to her. If you have concerns, determine if he had a will. Also, deeds are public records. Check with the county land records where the house is located.

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